Action movies are very popular these days. Americans love action movies, from Spiderman to Batman and the many characters between. This latest trend, which takes plots and characters from comic books has allowed for the creation of a whole new world of characters and stories. Many of these stories are interconnected and cross paths, allowing for sequels and prequels as well as storylines that occur in conjunction with each other. Here are nine things you should know about superhero movies.

1. They’re fun!

A good action movie is something that everyone enjoys. They’re fun, filled with action, high adrenaline and can even be scary and uplifting. The best ones can also be funny and dramatic, sad, yet hopeful. These films have a comic book-like feel and are filled with intense shots and creative techniques.

2. You can find multiple plots within them

Be aware that these movies may have multiple plots. Directors often assume that you know some information about the characters from the comic books and will interweave stories to create their movies.

3. They are based on comics

Many of the current movies featuring extra special characters are based on popular comic book series. Many moviegoers have waited years for the chance to see movies based on their favourite heroes and characters. The movies are more exciting when different cast members take on certain roles.

4. These themes are included in the books.

A film may be action-packed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks themes. An action movie will have many themes and touch on the universal meanings of human existence. Even the most skeptical film-watcher will be enthralled by themes from ancient Greek mythologies or Shakespearean-like plots.

5. These statements speak to the current social climate

Many of the greatest movies comment on current social issues and the state of society. While some movies focus on political struggles while others are focused on human rights, many simply call for peace and optimism.

6. They include political messages

It can be difficult to discern political messages from movie plots and storylines that comment on social issues. There are often deep messages and themes at the root of movies that could be considered political.

7. These movies make for great date nights

Action films are great for date nights. A film like this will spark conversation and philosophical questions, while simultaneously entertaining you.

8. They are available in many genres

All movies are not created equal. The same applies to movies based on comics. There are many genres. Some movies are hilarious, while others are serious and dark. Others are full of humor and drama, while some are filled with comedy and humor. There is truly something for everyone.

9. They are more likely to be followed by others.

Many films can be made because of the long, overarching stories and interwoven plots and backstories. Fans can enjoy this experience as long as they are faithful to their source material and the movies are well done.

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