Do you plan your own wedding? Do you plan to be a DIY bride or groom? A wedding planner book is the only thing you’ll need. Not just any book, but a comprehensive wedding planning guide. There are many wedding planning books on the market. While they can provide a lot of useful information, how many books do you have that cover the specific areas you require? When you think about it, do you feel confident that you have all the information you need to plan your wedding? This endeavor can be fraught with pitfalls, headaches and many challenges for the untrained. This is why I urge you to get a book on wedding planning before you ruin your big day.

What should you look for in the planning guide you will receive? Make sure you get clear instructions and guidelines that will help you plan your dream wedding. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by technical terms or jargon. A spiral bound book is the best option for the structure of your book. If you do find a book that is great and not spiral bound, you should definitely consider it. Who wants to be stuck with a horror story about a wedding? Why did I recommend a spiral bound book? They are easy to use, make notes in, and durable. Your book will have a short and difficult life, probably longer than any other book. You will be closer to this book than your best friend. It will be your guide, inspiration and main resource for your wedding planning efforts.

You will be looking through many books on wedding planning. Make sure you have included pages such as a Checklist, Worksheets and Information Sheets. Your wedding planner book is your guide and resource for wedding planning. It should have ample space to take notes. You might have visited several florist shops and looked at some designers. After hearing a few terms, you will want to take notes about the shops, prices, and ideas that interest you.

The wedding planner will help you plan the timeline of events for your wedding. This includes what to do after the proposal, six month prior to the wedding, one months before the big day, and the week before. Did you know that most wedding venues can be booked up to one year in advance?

The table of contents should show that the book covers these topics in depth and not just an overview.

Wedding budget

Planned Events Calendar

Timetable for Wedding Day

Final Phase Calendar

Wedding invitations

Invitation Countdown

Tips for Sending Invitations

Invitation printing

Information about Marriage License

Shower Ideas

Seating arrangements

Check out this list of wedding gowns

Attire etiquette

Shopping tips and tricks

Accessories and fitting

How to choose a wedding gown

Other Wedding Dresses

Choosing Beach Wedding Attire

Gowns for Maternity Bridals

Checklist for the Groom

Rentals Budget guide plus worksheet

Guide to Cake Cutting

Registry Checklist

Outdoor Wedding Tips

Book your Wedding Ceremony

Book Wedding Reception

Optional: Wedding Planning Software

Hiring Your Coordinator

The Photographer to Hire

Questions for the Caterer

Hire Your Videographer

Make Your Own Ring (optional).

Toasts and Wedding Speeches

Family, guests, and attendants

Attendant etiquette

Guest Etiquette


Reception site

Ask a question

Site Checklist

Catering and rental

Outdoor occasion

Salons for Dress Bridal

Ask a question

Checklist and guide

Makeup and hair

However, this is not an exhaustive list. I will be going over the suggested content table in greater detail in a subsequent article.

You might consider adding to your planning guide an expandable file, regular binder, and page protectors with extra wide tabs. These will allow you to keep all vendor and venue documents in one place. One pocket for church stuff and one for reception. The other one is for correspondence. In case you don’t have enough pockets for your wedding planner, here are some suggestions.

You won’t find one book that covers all of your planning needs. You might buy more than one book, but you need to make sure you don’t have duplicates or a lack of the information or advice you really need. You can also access free online guides and software for wedding planning that can answer those unanswered questions the book didn’t address. Online tools and software can be convenient, but they are not portable or easy to use. Make sure you don’t look or feel like a bridezilla before you go down the aisle. Get your own wedding planning guidebook.

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