Once you have a great wedding plan, everything will be easier. All your planning activities can go off the rails if you get too nervy. A little planning, foresight, and action are all that’s required to make a wedding plan perfect. Follow these top tips to make your dream wedding come true.

1. Slow down: Once you’ve announced your engagement and are able to think clearly, you can let the ring rest and then take some time to choose the type of wedding you want. You can dream big. Later, you can make your dreams a reality. Are you looking for a party that attracts hundreds of people or a quiet, intimate gathering? You want a quiet, family-friendly event in the garden. Are there family traditions or budget constraints that you need to consider? Before you start planning your wedding, take this time to decide what is most important and what is less important.

2 Establish a budget. Stressful weddings can be caused by lack of money or money. It is important to determine who is paying for the wedding, and how much each individual is willing to contribute. This topic is important. Once you know your budget, you can’t plan anything. Avoid using your credit card to finance the wedding. Although you may be able to get the wedding you want, you will have to start your new relationship with a heavy debt.

3) Take a step back: Recreate your ideal wedding scene. Choose two to three extravagant elements. A couture dress. A lavish wedding cake. A gourmet formal dinner. These are the most expensive items. You can save money on the rest.

4) Choose a flexible date for your wedding: Set a month or season as your target month. This will allow you to make arrangements for your wedding venue/reception site. It will be easier to book two places that are perfect for you on a fixed date than it will be nerve-wracking. These venues are usually the most affordable and fill up quickly, especially if you’re looking for a Saturday wedding.

5) Get started early: Start planning your wedding one year in advance. High-profile suppliers and wedding venues that are in high demand could be booked for many years. You must plan well in advance to secure top-notch suppliers. You should establish a schedule with clear deadlines. This will help you to stay on track and prevent you from getting lost in the shuffle. Many magazines and bridal books include helpful timelines that you can use for each stage of your wedding.

6 Create a guestlist everyone can live with It is your wedding. But you may not be paying for it. You can be flexible with your guest list if you’re paying the bill. You should be flexible if your parents, or the groom’s parents, are paying for the wedding. You should determine the maximum number of people that your budget can handle. Each person should create a list of people they wish to invite. Ask them to rank every guest. You can use the rankings to create a guestlist you are all invested in.

7 Get Organized: Create or buy a planner, organizer, or binder. It can be used to keep contracts, notes, and phone numbers in one place. It is where appointments are kept for fittings and tastings. It can be used to track deposits, owed amounts, guest lists, fabric swatches and menus. To avoid panicky searches for numbers and contracts, use your organizer consistently.

8) Learn the lingo A bride who doesn’t know what she wants, but knows how to express it, can frustrate a florist, baker or tailor. Visual aids can help you translate your ideas. Take out pages from magazines and carry fabric samples in the wedding colours. Make a list with keywords that best describe your wedding theme: romantic, modern, elegant and sophisticated. Learn the language of your suppliers. Are you able to tell the difference between butter cream icing and fondant? Are you able to tell the difference between a peony and a petunia. Communication will save you a lot of trouble (and unanticipated surprises) later on.

9) Choose your bridesmaids carefully: There is no obligation to have any of them at your wedding. It is best to limit the number of bridesmaids, as more than six will make it difficult to manage. Great bridesmaids will ease the stress of the wedding. Your bridesmaids will help you find the perfect wedding dress, organize hen parties, and run errands. You should choose people you value and who will support you through the stress of wedding planning.

10) Be unusual: The majority of wedding stress is self-inflicted. You are planning a huge party for many people. You are about to dedicate the rest of your lives to someone. This is supposed to be fun, so have fun! Do not let your mind get caught up in the idea of doing it “right”. There is no one right way. You might not want to make wedding cake. Do it. Don’t let your fiance’s best friend be a girl! Let her be a groomsman! Don’t get too attached to “traditional” or “normal”. Just have a wedding you love.

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