A great workplace wellness program serves its purpose well and provides significant value for both the employee and employer. You do want a great program, correct?

The terms great and good are subjective and dependent on context. These five strategies will, I believe, help you move your employee’s health and well-being efforts from good to excellent.

Key Strategy #1: Executive Support

Good – Executive support is essential for any wellness initiative to be successful. This support can be seen in both the budget and the written and verbal support provided by the executive leaders.

It’s great – Executives are a champion and cheerleader for your efforts and a part of a great wellness program. They are visible by their participation and attendance at all events, interventions, and other activities.

Key Strategy #2: Integrate

Good – A coordinator who understands the importance of a good initiative is a good one.

* The demographics of their employees

* Health risks for their employees

* The strengths, weaknesses, and gaps that are associated with the entire organization.

Integration is key to a great wellness program. All efforts are seamlessly integrated with other benefits and services for employees across the organization. It’s also integrated with the culture of the company.

Strategy #3: Focus on Change

Good – A great initiative is focused on elements that encourage individual change and maintain healthy lifestyles. These elements can also inspire and foster intrinsic motivation.

Great – This program is not just about individual change but also organizational change. Employee change is supported by a positive workplace culture and environment. This approach focuses equally on creating a healthy workplace and healthy employees.

Key Strategy #4: Communication

Good – An initiative that is well promoted and marketed to employees and other eligible people is called “Good Initiative.”

Great – A great program promotes itself and its successes in a wide way. This strategy makes extensive use of testimonials, and other qualitative evaluation strategies.

Key Strategy #5 – Assess and Modify

Good – A great initiative constantly assesses its efforts, and then modifies its output based on the results.

Great – Great programs maximize the use of quantitative and qualitative assessment tools. It not only modifies what it delivers and how it works based on the assessment results but also makes concerted efforts to test new initiatives.

These five strategies will help you transform your workplace wellness program into something great. These strategies will allow you to place more emphasis on employee support and a positive approach. Your worksite wellness program will benefit greatly from this positive approach.

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